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Vice President – Brand Engagement & Communications - Upcoming Position




Vice President – Brand Engagement & Communications - Upcoming Position

Revenue. Reputation. Relationships with 1300 organizations. Our team’s task is as challenging as it is complex. They develop the revenue that drives our profitability, funds future development and improves customer service. From landside lattes to gourmet delights, they make the best of every revenue stream through fresh and innovative service propositions.

What you’ll deliver

• Ignite, articulate and communicate Dubai Airports as the leading world-class airport brand, a living and inspirational brand which is immersive and interactive, and is founded on credibility and relevance to meet our global and local role as an industry leader.
• Focus on creating, leading, and supporting captivating programs and events, designed to inspire, inform, and increase awareness/loyalty, directly contributing to corporate reputation and profitability. 

 What you bring
• Experienced in managing international brands and personally leading major project delivery. Practical experience in securing and managing budgets, strictly adhering to timelines, and leading cross-functional teams to measurable success which reflects corporate goals.
• Ability to actively cultivate business relationships, creating value and fostering goodwill. Strong creative and analytical skills, a confident and outgoing personality, with an entrepreneurial mind-set focused on tangible outcomes. Strong negotiator and inspiring communicator.
• lead our external brand development and delivery and ensure that this is communicated consistently and clearly. Dubai Airports brand is evolving as an integrator of innovative and relevant products, services, and partnerships, which together form the overall airport experience.
• Create, manage, package and deliver our branding message primarily to external customers (travelers), to inform, inspire, and influence them.
• Create and lead to market new strategies for connecting with our customers and contributing to commercial and corporate goals.
• Enhance Dubai Airports reputation as a competent, reliable industry leader, industry innovator, and responsible corporation

Life at Dubai Airports

Fast-moving and fast-growing, Dubai Airports is a business that’s all about delivering great airport experiences, 24 hours a day. Life here means always pushing – and being pushed – to work better and smarter. With us, you’ll be encouraged to be the best you can be. You’ll be part of the team that connects the world. And at every opportunity, you’ll go beyond; delivering an advanced, innovative future for yourself and our business, and making an impact that delivers for Dubai.