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Specialist - Inventory (Upcoming Position)

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Specialist Inventory




We work at a fast pace. Group Services is no different. Their business processes are fundamental to our becoming a global competitor that can respond quickly to any change. This may be a diverse, complex business, but departments such as Finance, Procurement, Legal, Risk Management and Quality Assurance make us an agile one.


Job Purpose

The Specialist Inventory will be responsible to maintain optimum level of inventory, with the aim to maintain optimum stock levels and maximize working capital. The role will lead inventory controls processes including stock re-ordering, stock optimization and stock disposal. also manage the Inventory analysts and support them in the execution of their tasks and will also be the common inventory interface to DA internal customers.


Qualifications and Education

Should have bachelor’s degree in business, engineering, finance, or in a related field.




  • At least 6 years’ experience in the warehouse management, with ideally 2-3 years’ experience in inventory management.

  • 1-2-year experience in a highly quantitative role is mandatory.

  • Experience in leading small teams and doing customer facing roles is preferable.

  • Practical knowledge of DA operations and stakeholders.



Certification required in any area for ongoing professional development or for mandatory purposes.







The job holder will have knowledge of:




  • ERP systems (preferably Oracle), and Advanced Excel. Regional / industry knowledge is preferable.

  • Inventory models and flows, forecasting methods, and inventory control, procedures, understand inventory/accounting relationships.

  • Advanced knowledge of inventory optimization techniques and tools.